Josh Amaral for School Committee

a proud product of our schools

Working for our students.

Josh Amaral joined Brian Thomas on WBSM to talk about why he should be reelected for the New Bedford School Committee.

Thanks for your interest in our campaign. Check out the information here, learn what I stand for, and don’t be afraid to reach out. I want to continue to work for our kids, and I humbly ask you for your support.
— Josh

My Platform

Tireless advocacy for our students, our schools, and our city.

I will continue working with my colleagues, other Massachusetts School Committee members, and other officials throughout the state and country to improve our schools and fight for the issues that matter most.                                                               

Rebuilding the reputation of New Bedford High School.

I'll engage our community to make sure that everyone knows what New Bedford High School has to offer, and we'll make sure that a strong plan is in place to not only restore New Bedford High's excellence but that it is sustainable and will not waver again.

Smart financial management that puts our resources in the classroom.

I'll see to it that New Bedford's resources are managed wisely, that our tax dollars are going into the classroom, and advocate for every opportunity to get more resources for each and every one of our very promising students.

Providing knowledge and leadership in times of transition.

I want to use all that I have learned to ensure that the next four years go well for our schools and our students. There have been lots of changes from 2013-2017, and I anticipate many more from 2017-2021. I want to make sure those decisions are made thoughtfully and in the best interests of our students.

Expanding district programming to better meet our kids' needs.

I will work to create and expand district programs that we know work, and help us meet our students needs and our families' and community members' expectations.


Repairing and improving NBPS staff satisfaction and morale.

The job is getting more and more difficult, and New Bedford should be a place where teachers want to work, have a myriad of opportunities to develop professionally, and can put down roots and contribute to the community. This has to be a priority for sustainable success in our schools and I will do my part in making sure we head in that direction. 

Thank you!
— Josh